Issue with Call Group and Direct Routing

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When someone call the phone associated with the "Call group", all the Teams  Apps in the group are ringing. But when someone pick up the call, it's not really picked up, there is a call that is made to the number that is currently calling.... The persons that was calling the group is still hearing the music. 

There are 2 calls actually, the first to the group and the second the other way...


And sometimes it's working :\ I dont know why... I don't even know where I need to look at ...


That's very odd... 





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@nkarp You talk about a "Call Group", but then you mention that the person calling is "hearing the music", which sounds like a Call Queue. Can you clarify which one you are referring to?


If it is a Call Queue, can you check whether the person calling has Call Forwarding enabled? If so, that is likely what is causing the issue. When an agent answers a call, it is actually placing a call from the agent to the caller on the back end. If the caller has Call Forwarding enabled, this call can't go through.


I had the same issue and opened a ticket with Office 365 support about it. After many weeks of back and forth, I was eventually told that this is "working as designed".

@Ryan Steele I found an issue on my side on the audiocode config.

It was not handling the "referer" message correctly. It's working as expected now :)