Issue: Microsoft Teams channel notifications not working.

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Details: Channel notifications of Teams app has suddenly stopped for both Windows 10 desktop application and android mobile app. The activity feed is also blank. I am getting all the personal chat notifications though (on both desktop and mobile app).
I have compared all the settings with my colleague's system (where notifications are working fine).
Here are the setting screenshots:
1. Profile setting:

2020-07-29 16_03_59-Window.png


2. Channel notification setting:

2020-07-29 16_05_11-Clipboard.png


Here are the things I have already tried, as suggested on support forums:
1. Signed out from the app, closed the app.
2. Cleared all files at %appdata%\Microsoft Teams.
3. Signed in again.
4. Synced systems clock with
5. Uninstall both the Desktop and mobile app, cleared all files at %AppData%\Microsoft\teams\ and %localappdata%\Microsoft\Teams and reinstalled again.
6. Focus assist is turned off.
7. Have installed all the recent windows 10 updates.
8. Have tried steps 1-4 three times.

Microsoft Teams Version (64 bit). It was last updated on 28/07/2020.

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Hello @theanalyst   I see you tagged @Chris Webb with your post.  Had you seen his response to this past community post?

Are you still having issues? In this case it might be an idea to raise a support ticket with Microsoft.

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Thanks, everyone!
I had submitted a support ticket through the admin console and this issue has been resolved.

@theanalyst Hi, glad to hear your issue is resolved. On the topic I just want to send a 'heads up' that a new way of managing notifications are coming to Teams. See this conversation

@theanalyst What was the problem and the fix please?

We have similar symptoms

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