Issue Loading Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu 18.04

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I'm trying to access Microsoft Teams desktop on Ubuntu 18.04


After installation of .deb file, I run "teams" command and two window start, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Preview.


One is blank and the other I cannot open.


Any ideas about how to fix this, and use Teams desktop on Ubuntu?


(My main aim is to edit xlsx files, but you can't do this in the browser) (I can add my log if that is helpful)

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Hi - 

Try to install from the repository instead of the debian downloads. I've found that the debian downloads are mostly garbage and not being maintained the way that one would hope from a large software developer.


The repository should have teams available. I had it working fine until today in Bodhi (built on Ubuntu 18.04). Unfortunately today I started having other issues and now can no longer use it. I have complained numerous times on Microsoft community entries that it's clear that Teams is being underdeveloped in Linux and likely should still be called pre-stable release as there are various issues that I've faced using it.


If your only need is to edit xlsx files, why not just use LibreOffice? For most things, it gets the job done cleanly and you can save back to xlsx to share with collaborators still using MS Office.

Appreciate the reply jmadero.

What the link for the repo? I've only found unofficial linux versions on Github.

I may just go for the download and edit in LibreOffice option after all

Thanks again!

I am experiencing the same problem when I installed Teams under Ubuntu 20.04 using a repository. Both dialogs are visible but clicking on the spots for entering login info didn't work.


When I installed the regular "installer" from, I encountered the same problem: two dialogs. One white, one with the login... and, although I can get the "sign-in address" field to select (indicated by a purple bar) it accepts no input.


Basically, it appears the Microsoft Teams app for Linux does not run under the versions of Ubuntu Linux that would be used in a business environment.

@4til7 I have noticed the following - Installed using the download offered from the Office 365 site, showing as Teams v1.0 Preview. Ubuntu 20.04

When I remove Teams from the startup apps list, it re-adds itself next time you launch Teams.
If I logout while Teams is running, it will off error with"There has been a glitch" and hang the shell

Same result if I "Quit" Teams, before logout, as the tool tray item is still running.

If I "Quit and Exit" from the menu, the tool tray item closes too, and I can logout without error.


This exact problem was solved by unplugging my secondary monitor, and then restarting Teams.

Very weird!

My setup:
* Ubuntu 18.04
* Teams installed from official website through Debian.

@SimonWesterlindHeadsYou are absolutely right. In Ubuntu 20.04, if I unplug my secondary monitor it works. I tried mirroring and then it works on the secondary display.

Precisely! Didn't even had to restart Teams. Thanks!