Is there any way to generate chat Id of MS teams using graph API ?

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I got the list of chat Id's. I did a conversation in MS teams from GET  -  using graph API (Graph Explorer).


I want to chat with a new user. with whom I never chat before

but I want to send a message by using graph API for that, I need a chat Id

POST -  

Request Body   - {

                             "body": {
                                             "content": " your message "


So that I want to generate chat id with respect to new user with Whom I never chat before.


Is there any way to generate chat Id?


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When I was playing with meetings I was able to add the recipient to meeting as participant and thus use chat message. However, I haven't tried the scenario you describe so I don't have an answer. So I just drop this to follow up for other answers and hope for the solution myself too :)