Ipad not screen share

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Suddenly my iPad does not screen share in Teams  - Everything else works including using zoom or screen sharing on my Mac.  When i go to screen share, it goes blank and does not change.  At a loss of how I would fix this problem?

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Same over here!
Help appreciated



Same thing here.  Others in the meeting can see my Ipad screen.  But my Laptop screen is blank.



Cool thing I found was that I could see the screen when I clicked out of the channel but stayed in teams.  When the meeting minimizes into the top corner the ipad screen could be seen.

Logging out and logging in again worked for me!

Same here unable to share screen using my iPad Pro, once i share my screen then the screen will freeze and after 10 more seconds the Teams app will stop and quit the teams meeting by itself.

@Samue1 I am facing the same problem. 

I thought i would get fixed in a week or so but its been a while and its not been fixed yet.


extremely disappointed

@Fazeel Just wondering if anyone has found a resolution to this yet?  I’ve been trying for 6 months while job searching as all interview requires presentations to made via Teams. Every time I try it cuts me out of the meeting!!  Really not good as it makes it look like I’m IT illiterate!

@Samue1 I have the same issue.

Me too (Ipad Pro 11”). No way to solve, everytime I start sharing any other app, during a Teams call, after few seconds Teams stop the connection. Closing the sharing it let me open again the call. All my friends with a different versions of iPad, even pro 12,9” (don’t know if the updated iOS) don’t get the problem.