Invitation another user to the team in MS Teams

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Hello. I would like to clarify whether it is imperative to grant permission to the organization when joining the team if free versions of Teams are used? The very inscription “The organization needs the following permissions is very alarming:

* Logging in on your behalf (The organization will be able to log in to your applications and resources on your behalf);

*Read your name, email address and photos.


The situation is as follows: user_1 invites user_2 to a new "Example" command. At this point, user_2 receives a notification that he was added to the command, but this command is not yet visible to him. First, he must provide the previously specified permissions.


Also, if user_1 writes to user_2, user_2 will receive a notification, but still will not be able to read the letters until he gives this access.


Is there a way to carry on a dialogue without taking these permissions?


Thank you.

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Currently no, the free version of Teams cannot federate with paid so you must invite as a guest. The permissions are basically saying that because you create an account in my tenant for yourself in order to access resources. Admins have the ability to login on behalf of that user in context of their tenant.
The question was a bit different. Both clients have a free version of MS Teams.

If user_1 wants to communicate with user_2, is it possible not to join the organization of user_1? Even after being invited to the team, user_2 receives a notification that he was invited there, but the team itself does not appear until he follows the link and joins the user_1 organization.

And did I understand correctly, based on your messages, if user_2 (free MS Teams) joins the organization of user_1 (also free MS Teams), then user_1 can fully manage the user account_2? Or can it be managed in relation to rooms created in this organization?

Can you please tell me more about it?

Thank you.
Not sure what you mean by fully managed but there isn’t much you can really do with the guest account.

Once you accept an invite or are invited to a tenant after some time it’ll be in the top right tenant switch drop down. Teams free also has this.

Each org in order to chat with each other one person will have to switch to the other for this to take place. They can’t stay and chat from their own tenants.