Integrate several languages on the answering machine via the Teams administration center

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My company uses Teams to manage all the telephony aspect (number, call, ...). Recently, I was asked to change the default answering machine to an audio recording that we created. We have recorded it in 3 languages, I know where we can place this audio file but I can't find any options to create a list of choices for the caller (example: For French, type 1, For English, press 2, ...) and then play the appropriate audio file.

Is it possible to create such a list or even to integrate several languages in the answering machine?

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@sebastien792 If they are leaving a message, why do you need to know what language they are speaking?


If this is part of an auto-attendant for your main company number then you could create a menu then direct people to other AA with voicemail for each language, but you couldn't do it on a per user basis.

@Steven Collier 

Hi Steven,

If a customers leave a message, we don't need to know the language.

Basically, we need to create a queue for each language but we have many departement with a specific number, so it's the same procedure ?


i would like to have something like that: 

Start to Call --> chooice language ( For english press 1, for...) --> chooice the departement (For Sales press 1,...) --> Call with the contact


@sebastien792 This should just be a normal config using multiple Auto Attendants, directing calls based on a choice and ending up at the appropriate call queue. You would end up with lots of queues which might not be a great experience, a true skill based routing system like Anywhere365 would perhaps be worth considering.


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