I'm unable to access teams in any Linux


I tried accessing teams through web browsers such as firefox and chrome by disabling and enabling cross-site cookies and also in private tab, It says verifying credentials and auto reloads a couple of times but doesn't get me through. I also tried accessing it from the teams for linux app. I just keep getting the message "We couldn't sign you in. Please try again". For additional information: I tried accessing it with my mobile phone which runs android I could access it and also could access it with windows. 




I'm able to access all app of office 365 except teams

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It seems odd for this to be a Teams issue in this instance but more of an account/credentials issue on that particular machine. Or do you experience this on all Linux machines? Appreciate you might only have the one.

Also on the same Linux machine we're you able to login with the same account to say portal. Office.com

If not and not sure as a non Linux user but is there anyway of flushing/clearing out your credentials?



I'm also having issues when trying to log in with my school account.