How to upskill on Microsoft Teams

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Hi everyone,


I've recently started using Teams as our main community area for our group, and though i've used it basically before, I'm really keen to know everything I can about it to get the absolute best out of using it.


So far, i've really not been able to find much at all in the way of a quick training video, or course, just the odd 'tip' on how to use it. 


Keen to know of anyone who knows of something which could help me know it inside and out to better the experience for my community.




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A rather good YouTube channel, they have more content also and you can also check out Coffe in the cloud.
That's great thank you, i'll check those out.

I'd love to be able to work with someone or have a session with someone direct from Microsoft in who specialises in Teams, to ask for their advice and best practice, tips etc for what we are trying to do within my group. Anyone know of any groups or ways of doing this? Thanks, Jodie
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