How to stop the Microsoft Teams iPhone app from trying to use the MS Authenticator

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Hi all

We are looking to add Microsoft Teams as a managed iPhone app through MobileIron Core + Sentry on-prem. Teams authentication traffic goes through the MI Tunnel, with the Teams cloud configured to only accept traffic coming from the Sentry. Works successfully UNLESS the user also has the Microsoft Authenticator app on their iPhone. In that case, the Teams app automatically flips to the Authenticator when you try to sign-in, which means traffic is no longer going through the Tunnel, so it won't authenticate. Has anyone come across this? Is there some way to stop the Teams app from opening the Authenticator?

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Sending Teams traffic through a tunnel will probably reduce user experience significantly. Microsoft recommends against it.

@Ed Woodrick The traffic is split, so it's really just meant to be the authentication activity that is going through the Tunnel. If I'm logged into Teams and _then_ install the Authenticator, I can go on using Teams quite happily, but won't be able to get back in if I log out of it.

I found it does work if I add the Authenticator as a managed app going through the MobileIron Tunnel, but what consequences will that have users using the Authenticator for non-work related accounts?