How to show unscheduled calls on the Teams Calendar?

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Is there a way to update the Teams calendar with an unscheduled call after the call has ended?

Once the call has ended, I would like the call duration to be logged into my calendar.

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You can always add an appointment/meeting to your own calendar, either via Outlook or Teams.

@Vasil Michev Yes of course. I could do that on a manual basis.
But is there an option to automate this whereby Teams will read the call duration and automatically update the Calendar?

I ask this because I often receive unscheduled calls and it would be nice to have them cataloged in the Calendar so that i am aware as to when and how much time was spent on a certain call.

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None currently. The attendance report feature is coming soon, and eventually you can also get data about meeting duration and such programmatically via the Graph API (, but for the time being you need to do it manually.

That will be very useful. I hope that it also figures in the My Analytics app.