How to set up an offline event on MS Teams Calendar

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Does anyone know if we can set up an offline event on MS Teams Calendar?  I can only set up an online meeting with MS Meeting Stamp in it.  For example, if I want to set up a lunch meeting and send out the invitation with a location map to my team member, what's the best way to do?

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Hi @ayao24 ,

ofc you can send out invitations with locations in RL, tbh, I dont understand the problem, maybe this video helps you:

You can also send me further informations, if this doesn't solve your problem.

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There is no way to do this from the Teams calendar directly at the moment. By default any meeting created through the Teams Calendar gets a meeting link with it. The best way to create the offline event is using the Outlook Calendar instead. Hopefully this will be possible eventually because it would be handy to not have to leave the Teams environment when setting up events.


You can add an offline location from the Teams calendar as you indicated. I think the problem @ayao24 is referring to is that even if you add a location there is still a Teams meeting link automatically embedded in the event. As a result, there may be confusion for invited attendees as to whether this is an online or offline meeting and how they are to attend.

I see, so there is no way to create one without a meeting link which I don't need. It seems like I need to go back & forth between Outlook and Teams.
Thank you so much for your help. I can stop searching now.
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@millerblair @ayao24 ,
true, outlook is the cleaner solution, otherwise you have to adjust the title of the meeting like "IN RL, NOT IN TEAMS, ROOM XY" or however

I mean, the people are old enough to read. You also can write in the groupchat of the event, that you meet in real life. But your right.

On the other hand this would be a good test, to see who works carefully and reads all instructions that have been sent :D


@ayao24 I am also experiencing this problem.  However, I created the event in Outlook and the event still links to a TEAMS call-in event adding confusion since the event is not meant to be called-into. I tried setting up the event through Outlook as an appointment and as a non-Teams meeting, but each instance creates the TEAMS call-in links. Any Outlook work-arounds?  Thanks!