How to remove background noise on a group call?

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We have a chat and group call in it.
Problem: When everyone is muted, we able to hear background noise, like radio.
This noise goes from the Teams app, not from the mic or so. After disabling Teams in the Volume Mixer, the noise is gone.

Any ideas?

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Never heard of Teams being heard ::)

My guess this is a device issue. Check all mics and speaker devices
This is a feature that will come at some point :)

Probably something with a device as Adam says, or that someone actually is not muted. Have you tried to be alone in a meeting, do you here it then? If so if someone else is alone in a meeting from another computer, can they hear anything? 

Hi @QuiverNAY 


This seems to be issue with the one of the user in Microsoft Teams Meeting. I have personally faced the issue multiple times. I have seen issues wherein one of my colleague who has joined the meeting via Bluetooth headphones was causing issues with all the other participants.


Hence check if it is the issue with you Headset or Device. As suggested try to see if you are alone in the meeting does it causes same issues? Try with a different headset and check.


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EVERYONE is muted.

I even pressed "mute all"!

And of course I was muted by myself.

@adam deltinger 

Which device?

Source of the noise - is Teams, as after muting Teams in "Volume mixer" noise gone.

Secondly, I even disabled my own mic in the control panel. And ALL other participants were muted, I even pressed "Mute all" to be 100% sure.

Any suggestion.

This noise is crazy.

@QuiverNAY Try using the teams via the web app instead, the problem doesn't happen on the web client.

@QuiverNAY Was someone sharing his/her screen?

It could be that the system audio from the person presenting was in the meeting. 


See HERE for more information


Let me know if this fixed it for you. 


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I'm almost certain this is by design to let you know when you're on a call.  It's called "comfort noise". I agree it's too loud.


Doesn't look like there's an easy way to disable it at the client.




@Mitchell Bakker 


Nope, it was not any screen sharing. At least at the moment. It was the video from the cameras before.





It's by the design, it's a bad design. Headache and headphones battery even state it as evil =)

PS: Yes it sounds similar (some kind of white noise), but more quiet.



@cfoale  I've just bought a new laptop and teams sounds exactly like that with anyone in room,  but not when alone in room.   Same people on old laptop are fine! 

@QuiverNAYWe do experience exactly the same: When someone is speaking, it's gone. When they stop, the hissing noise kicks in. Very annoying and fatiguing!


I resolved it by an external hardware gate (Behringer XR4400) but it would be nice if this would be solved in Teams itself.

@QuiverNAY  did you able to fix it? I am also facing the same problem. I recommended MSTeams to my team and other teams in my organization. but they are leaving it due to this background noise. 

All bak ground


you can try software like Krisp.. It works for me..