How to create teams link without live event.

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Currently, all teams links i created is live link     ex.


I have been tried with multiple methods and accounts (paid, not paid) NOT to create link.

*Method I tried.

  - through calendar (in the future) 

  - through "chat" room 

  - through "meet"


*Account I tried

  - company account

  - paid personal account (microsoft 365)

  - unpaid personal account 


Nothing can resolve the issue incl. the service help center. 

She cannot give me ANY solution for this.



Anyone knows how to create normal link (not live event)?



(the client's company cannot open the link and i cannot make them to resolve their issues, i have to resolve mine) 


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In the business version of Teams client, open calendar app, select Meet Now. Does this generate a link which is




Let me know what happens


Best, Chris

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@Christopher Hoard @leesk1310 Hey folks, that kind of link is created when signed in with an account used Teams for personal use.


Make sure you are properly signed out from Teams, remove your personal account from your W10/11 account settings if it's there. Sign out from Teams (top right corner) and Quit Teams (right-click on taskbar icon). You should and can also use separate browser profiles so no credentials are mixed/cached or InPrivate/Incognito mode. Then you sign in with your work/school credentials (business not personal account).

Cool. Noted for the future. I don't use the personal version. Never have.


Urgh lol :D

Well, there has been some improvements lately so not that bad now :) But still, if and when possible one should use a paid version for a more satisfying experience :D
'Well, there has been some improvements lately so not that bad now :)'

You can't sell me mate lol :D
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