How to crash a 14" MacBook Pro M1 using Teams

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Unfortunately I have found a surefire way to crash not just the application or maybe Finder, but actually cause the whole Mac to crash/reboot. 

Just use Teams, and when in a call (doesn't matter whether it's 1:1 or with multiple people), turn on your camera. The first sign that the crash is coming, and at this point it's inevitable, is your own video feed stopping working. Then it's maybe another 20-30 seconds until the whole Mac crashes and reboots. The camera is a Logitech Brio, and it's connected over a CalDigit TS3 Plus dock. I'm at the same time using a Jabra Evolve65 headset, its' dongle is connected directly to the Mac instead of to the dock. This is the exact same setup that used to work with two prior MacBooks at the office and the same I'm currently using at home, albeit still with an Intel based 16" MacBook Pro. The M1 Max that I ordered is delayed...

This is actually a fresh install, since I switched from an Intel based 16" MacBook Pro to an Apple Silicon/M1 based model and didn't want to introduce any incompatibilities by importing stuff over from the old world. It runs the newest OS, Monterey, including the software update to version 12.0.1. I'm on the current/stable version of Teams, no preview. So it's still the Intel version. I'd be more than happy to test out any native M1 version of Teams at this point, but from what I can see in the normal, official beta that's nowhere to be seen. 

I also found it strange that I seem to be the only one having these issues. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Nobody having the same issue?

@ferminator i have exactly the same problem. Logitech webcam crashes my macbook pro whist on a teams call. Did you find a solution as this is very annoying. 

@AVAngloWelsh I might have found a way. My setup at home is almost exactly the same as at the office:


MB Pro 14" -> CalDigit TS3plus dock -> 49" Dell Ultrawide screen


Everything with the exception of the Jabra Evolve 65 headset USB dongle is connected to the docking station. I had bad audio quality when I connected the headset (dongle) to the docking station, so I'm connecting it directly to one of the USB ports on my Mac. The webcam, however, is connected directly to the docking station. And it's the same model, a logitech Brio 4K webcam.


The main difference between the two setups is how I connect to the screen. I'm using DisplayPort at the office, where I get the crashes. And at home, where I have now tried to reproduce the crashes, the screen is connected via USB-C (also directly from the docking station). 


So my next step will be to connect the screen at the office with USB-C and see what happens...



@AVAngloWelsh - in case it wasn't clear - no crashes so far at home :)