How to copy invitation link without "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" Text

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in our company we use MS-Teams without exchange service. So schedule a meeting is complicated. The best way we found is to create a team, start a conference, copy the invitation link and email it to all participants. At the time of the meeting, all participants must click on the link. Since we only need the link and have a lot of non-technically savvy people in the company, my question is whether there is a way to copy the invitation URL without the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" text? I just want to get the URL without copying the URL from the text afterwards.


If someone knows a better alternative to schedule a meeting without exchange (extra application?), I would be happy to receive suggestions. 


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Afaik, there’s no other way right now than copying the url when you click the meeting link you mentioned!
You can make this look better by use a url shortened like or something. Although I know this is a several step process




If you right click on the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link, you can copy just the link


Copy that link into word, then right click on the link and select "Link" from the drop down menu


Then within the "Text To Display" box, enter the text you'd the link to display as. For this example I want the link to say, "Click here to join "Test Bridge" meeting"


Copy and paste the newly named link into the email to your co-workers.