How to check which features are enabled at our tenant

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As an admin I have to educate our users about new features. Is there any way to see if our tenant already got a specific feature? Like 3x3 videomeeting windows.
I'm able to test and see if features are available, but not with all.


Any ideas?

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@Thomsch Hello Thomas, I would like to suggest PowerShell. The Get-CsTeams* will provide you with most of the config you'd want to see. E.g. Get-CsTeamsClientConfiguration, CsTeamsMeetingConfiguration, CsTeamsMeetingPolicy etc. To see features that are coming such as 3x3 I would say the Roadmap , Message center and/or Teams UserVoice is better suited to stay updated.



I had the same question, but I also want to have an overview about feature releases if you are in the TAP program. Sometimes there are features live in TAP, but aren’t yet in GA. Will be nice to have an overview of enables new features in your tenant including information if it is GA or TAP, etc etc.

See my UserVoice:

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