How often the user profice on AD sync to Teams user profile?


I want to make sure how often the Teams user profile will be renewed after the changes as below:

1. The user profile changed on On-pre AD which synced to an Azure AD

2. The user profile changed on Azure AD

3. The user profile changed on Teams


Thanks so much in advance!


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@Arthur_wang Hi,

So presuming you are using AAD Connect to sync your on premises identities to Azure AD, Passwords should be pretty swift and attributes should be synched roughly around every 30 minutes.


Azure AD - Is doing it at source, so no need to wait in terms of a sync operation.


In terms of an application/service making use of Azure AD for profile information, it should pretty swift once present and correct within Azure AD, however it will probably be one of those things that requires a few refreshes along the way.

Is it any particular profile information and whereabouts in Teams are you hoping to consume? So is it say the Organisation structure within the Chat area etc. As top right profile wise you pretty much just have the Picture and Name and I believe or it always has been in the past for me, the quickest way to update that is via Outlook or the application you want to see it in, if available.


So that brings me onto my final point and that is, it will always be quickest (in theory) and desirable where possible to make the change within the application/service where you want to see that change reflected.



@Arthur_wang Hello, I am afraid you have to do your own research and testing here. It's difficult to say and it could differ depending on config/settings. You should at least have a sense how the process looks like from my previous reply in the other conversation. I would instead like to recommend the MS docs for technical details, it's a great source of information, and perhaps do a search as well. I am sure there are some articles out there.