How does one start a scheduled meeting in Teams Free ?

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This seems a silly question, but I cannot see any of my future scheduled meetings in my Teams Desktop, and without such I cannot start the meetings !  I am guessing that this is related to the lack of an integrated Outlook calendar or corporate Office365 account ? This would seem sensible, but I have not seen posts anywhere that confirm that. I am now trying to include 'schedule via Google Calendar' - the only option available - when I first attempt to schedule within Teams, but so far have not managed to do that..

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@robgoch This feature (scheduled meetings) has just been rolled out in Teams free! You couldn't do it two weeks ago.


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You can manually sign out and in if you're not seeing the options. The roll-out can take some time so be patient if no success!


See this as well! Schedule your meetings in advance 

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for getting back; I can certainly 'schedule' meetings now - we've had a couple of successful ones since. But I still cannot see anywhere in Teams Free that lists any meetings I've  scheduled that are yet to start: I'm thinking specifically of the equivalent page in, say, the Zoom application where one can see any scheduled meetings and then choose to start one by pressing a button (-having already sent out the invite link).


I can start a meeting by (a) copying the link and emailing to myself; (b) scheduling in a Google Calendar (-I haven't got Outlook), then clicking the link that appears in there after saving. Both work, but aren't seamless, and feel a little clunky. 


It might be that Teams Free is not going to get that facility, which I think is a pity: it is good to have a place where one can see what's been arranged, and then start the meeting from there. 

The Calendar app in the Microsoft Teams app will only display your calendar entries if your mailbox is hosted in Microsoft Exchange Online or Microsoft Exchange on-premises (latest version).

@robgoch Hey, I hear you. As for the "full Teams scheduling experience" one would need to be enabled for a subscriptions including a mailbox. 

@James Mallalieu Thanks, James: that's what I suspected: as I said earlier, we can get by with generating the link and then sending out. Cheers.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks again; yes, it figures: I can at least grab the invite link and kick the meeting off from that. Thanks for confirming.

@robgoch. How dissapointing. Im new to hosting meetings - and spent 10 minutes in increasing frustration before finding your post. 
Teams doesnt even help the user with any solution to this obvious problem. Imagine a piece of IT that lets you set op a meeting without letting you acces it afterwards !!!

Thx for the help