How do i share or expose a Teams calendar to other team members or employees.

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Need to give visibility of the calendar used by account under this email address in teams desktop app (or any app) to any or all other employees at the company.


to make sure this is clear: i want to make sure that other people in this organisation can see the calendar for this email account in teams so that they can see what is being worked on.


How is this possible, microsoft.

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@stripeycat why not just make the calendar visible to those who need to see it in Outlook? I don't believe that you can have multiple calendars in Teams.

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it already is. employer is phasing out microsoft enterprise email and wants every aspect of current business function moved in to this teams software

@stripeycat What the..? What about communication from external contacts, invoices, etc??? I can't imagine a business of any sort being able to run without the ability to send and receive emails. I can understand not requiring it for internal communication...

There might be a 3rd party application that can help, but Teams will not run without Exchange Online, and will only run with limited functionality without OneDrive and SharePoint online implemented