How Access Excel file's sheet which is protected in Teams App

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I have Uploaded the Excel file on Teams App's Group.

I have granted the access accordingly.

My Excel File contains 3 sheets, in which one of the sheet is protected by password.

I have created that excel file and I know the password but while accessing on teams.

I am not able to edit. I need to Download that file, edit it and then again need to upload it.

So, if anyone can tell me how to access protected sheet of excel file in Teams. Please reply ASAP.

I have uploaded the screenshot of the comment shown when I try to edit.

Thanks in Advance. 

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Hi! AFAIK Teams/ Excel Online don’t support to protect/unprotect tabs! My seggestuon is not to download it but to open the files directly in the excel desktop app if this is possible!

There’s also an open uservoice for support for this online:



Since I haven't found any solution, I just downloaded the file and uploaded again and it worked. Still don't know why this is happening...