Hotmail or Gmail guest not able to access the MS team web application

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Hi, I try to invite hotmail or gmail (email) as guests for my MS team members. 

i use my hotmail account as test. 


i receive the invitation letter, and I am able to log in my hotmail account, how every I am not able to find 'Team app' or 'Sharepoint app'  in this hotmail account (it is free) show as follow:



according to this post, people may still access the MS teams even without office365 account.


but I am not able to access MS teams through my free hotmail account.

so, my question here is: 1. is free hotmail or gmail account without 365 still can participate in the MS team, chat and sharing files in a specific channel?

if so 2. in my case, how could i make that happen. ?


thank you!

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I can confirm that Hotmail / Gmail accounts should be able to access Teams when invited

Hi, thank you! could you teach me how to access it?

currently, I got the invite. But I am not able to find the Team app online. 

should I download the Team app then access?