Help- When I go onto the chat on a teams call, everything zoom/glitches

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Recently, when I've been on a teams video call (on my computer teams app) and I go onto the chat, the whole screen view has changed. It becomes sort of zoomed in and very difficult to navigate. I can only go up and down by trying to click up through the chat messages or by trying to zoom out a lot so that I'm able to see the chat exit sign and I am not able to see any of the people in the call or any of the functions like leave/mute.... If I'm able to reach the exit button, once the chat is left the screen view goes back to normal.


It's really annoying, please let me know how to fix this. 



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I got the same problem, I've tried everything but so far nothing seems to work. @merriewoodcock 

Same issue for me except our environment is a little more robust.


I have Teams installed on school computer via the MSI installer and my users have all their document and appdata folder redirected to a file server.


I have tried the usual cache file deletion to no-avail and am about to attempt some other tests tomorrow to see if we can get to the route cause of this as its happening to near enough all my users/computers now.

I'm having the same problem with my son's school lessons. As soon as he turns on the chat the meeting participants enlarge and all the functions are lost. The only way out is to close the meeting, re-enter and then not to use chat. Very annoying.

@merriewoodcock same with me. i'm commenting so that if they fix it i'll be notified

@merriewoodcock just replying cause same thing happening on my Mac :\

I take classes with teams so its become an absolute nightmare trying to navigate. I am attaching a screenshot of my window so maybe someone can understand what is going on

@merriewoodcockSame problem! It is terribly uncomfortable and messes up all functions as soon as you open any menu. University classes through Teams have become a nightmare.

Same problem here. Posting in hope of a notification when a solution is available.

I've got the same issue (just started happening today) and yours is the only post I could find online that mentions it.  Hopefully, they address it soon.


I believe I found the solution to this. It seems Teams enters a separate program view when you open the in meeting chat. If you have ever accidentally zoomed on this window, you get stuck in this glitched view. Even after restarts. It seems to get stuck within a custom theme.


The fix for me was to reset the Teams theme.  Go into your settings (Click your profile image in the top right corner -> settings) and click on Theme "Default" under "General". It may show this theme as already being active, but when clicked it will reset all theme settings, including that zoom parameter. 


Update: This fix didn't last more than a day for me. 



4 people on our site have reported the same issue over the last couple of weeks, the above fix does not seem to work, We even reinstalled teams on one of the users and that did not clear the issue. 

@merriewoodcock I've been having the same problem but was able to fix it by unchecking the 'turn on new meeting experience' button in settings to go back to the previous look of teams where your meeting is not in a pop out and is integrated into the app. Not sure its a permanent fix for when they eventually remove the option to 'backdate' teams but it's working for me atm.

My coworker is having the same problem. I'm replying to hopefully get a notification when this is resolved. 

It might have something to do with an update that went out last month. My coworkers got the update, but mine is still on an older version. They aren't having any issues. Trying to get the update today. Hopefully this helps.


Sadly not. I made sure everyone with the issue updated their version. None of these fixes work. I’m waiting on one staff member responding after they’ve tried on a different machine to see if that helps, we will then see if it’s user specific or station specific. If only I could recreate the problem, I could troubleshoot then!

My app appears to be fixed. I had to completely uninstall the teams app and then download the latest version from Microsoft and reinstall that new version.



I realized that the glitches were primarily (or maybe only) happening when I had my laptop hooked up to my ASUS monitor via HDMI cable. Apparently this is a known issue


I'm still going to uninstall/reinstall teams and clear the cache, but my interim solution is opening the meeting chat in my browser instead of from the sidebar in the meeting. 

I found that if I Ctrl+scroll while in the window, it will zoom the window. The text becomes very small, but I can at least see the controls now. @merriewoodcock 

Hi i faced the same issue upgraded the Teams to latest version and issue has been fixed
new update fixed this teams problem