Having problems attaching screen shots, photos etc. into Teams via Macbook.

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In the past two months I have noticed that I am unable to to post screen shots, pics and docs in my Microsoft Team Chats.  I don't have any problem doing this on mobile devices.  I am using a Macbook Pro (macOS Catalina).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same intermittent experience on a W10 laptop using the client.

Hello @Darrel Richardson @AKTechsan   There has been prior discussion in this community that this may be a bug.  There was a bug report about iOS in Uservoice but I don't know if it's the same issue you're experiencing: Can’t attach files in iOS 11 – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


I could not find a bug report about Windows doing the same thing, so you could open a new ticket at Uservoice.


There are some suggestions in this prior post, like clearing the cache, that may help: Attached Images in Teams Does not Show up - Microsoft Tech Community