Has anyone Seen this before - Mac OS Teams Calling

Does anyone know what this bit of software is for?
LLDP enablement software for Mac Operating Systems used by Microsoft Teams
If you could point to any documentation, that would be awesome.
Thank You.
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No first hand experience but it’s related to what’s described at the link below. Seems Windows has the ability to determine emergency locations based on built in support. MacOS doesn’t without installing this package.


@pvanberlo It's for a new featuring coming soon, where emergency calling will include employees home addresses.



Although the feature you mention on the roadmap is indeed related to dynamic emergency calling, dynamic emergency calling in Teams itself has been available for some time already. I don’t believe this piece of macOS software is specifically linked to the feature on the roadmap and per Microsoft is needed for clients on subnets or WiFi - these can be both home or corporate clients.