Has anyone ever had 'Praise' fail?

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A weird occurrence just reported to me. Someone was trying to use Praise in a 1:1 chat with someone new to Teams (about 24 hours). It gave her a 'task module could not be loaded' error instead of showing the praise icons. Praising other people worked just fine.


We fixed it by uninstalling Praise (in chat, use . . . menu to go to Praise, but instead of selecting it, use its . . . menu to uninstall it), then going back into the chat . . . menu, 'More Apps', and reinstalling Praise. After that it loaded fine.


I'm not sure if the 'install' of Praise is tied to the praisee, or the praiser? :) But something glitched... User was actually able to continue conversing with the person, and after a couple of messages the praise went through, without the uninstall. Like the 'link' between the 2 got lost for a bit.

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@Robin Nilsson  Nothing I've heard about yet! Thanks for info

@Robin Nilsson A bit late I know, but yes Praise is currently dead for me.  I either get "Cannot verify your login" or "Error retrieving team members" about 0.5 seconds after it loads the stickers.  Deleting and removing Praise, and clearing the local Teams cache hasn't fixed it.