Guest users can't access Teams on their iOS devices


Hello everyone,

We have some external users who need to access specific Teams in our school. As we couldn't provide them with a company email address, we have invited them as guest users and assigned to their specific Teams. Some of them are using exclusively iOS devices and are now complaining that they can't see any Teams. In fact, at the end of the login process, they always get the message "No Teams orgs yet". They have other Teams accounts which work fine, but they can't add their guest accounts in the Teams app. This seems to be a well knows issue, as I saw several posts about that.

They tried to:

  1. logout from Teams, clear the app data in the iOS settings, reboot the iphone/ipad
  2. log out from OneDrive, clear the Account Settings, reboot the iphone/ipad
  3. access "" from an Edge/Chrome/Firefox private window - they always got the message "Hmm. Your browser version isn't supported. Quickest solution? Download the mobile app", which sounds weird, as Edge is the main Microsoft browser.

On a laptop the login works ok in a private window, starting from the link they received on the invitation letter (on the laptop at least they had the choice to "open the web app instead", while on the ipad/iphone it's not possible, they are automatically redirected to the Teams app).

Is there something that I've missed, that I could suggest to them? It seems the issue is related to cached credentials and not being able to login with their gmail/yahoo accounts as work accounts. Not sure if someone is also using the Microsoft Authenticator app...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!    

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@fstorer guest users have a lot of permissions restrictions that you don't normally have with internal users.  I suggest going into a channel and adding members and try manually adding 1 external user to that channel and see if that works.

Right click on the channel ... and click Add member.

Hi @TravisAppolis, they have already been added as members of those Teams and if I check the Team admin center I can see their external guest accounts. Also, in the Azure admin center, I can see all the groups they are member of.

Again, the problem seems strictly related to the iOS devices, because on a laptop they can see the Teams via the Web portal.

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I had this same issue today and after MUCH troubleshooting, here are the steps we took to rectify the issue:


1. Deleted the Teams app from iPhone. 
2. Followed link from invitation email (which opened browser)
3. Clicked Create New Account on login screen (which prompted login creation and verification codes).
4. Prompted to download app
5. Downloaded App
6. Signed in with new creds
7. Was able to see correct Org and Teams.
Also to clarify we did NOT have to do any of these steps on the computer ONLY on the mobile device. Seems like a bug to me.

Hello @Malorie Clark  If you really think it might be a bug, it might be worth the time to go to our Uservoice feedback forum to report it (or search to see if anyone else has and if so, vote on it as well)  Thank you.

Same issue and your steps resolved. Guest user received a new phone and we had to do the above. Definitely seems like some odd bug or backend trust/federation from the phones