Guest user cannot join live event via browser

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I've setup guest access to Microsoft Teams, to be able invite guests to live events.

I'm able to setup the live event with the option "specific people or groups". And I'm also able to join the event with internal users but not with external ones.


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Hi @Thomsch try this


Add the guest user to a Team first in your tenant

Invite the guest user as before and see.


From what I can tell, a guest user in a Teams Live Event needs to be a member of a Team in your tenant.

 Hi @Thomsch,

As you said the guest user can not able to join the live event from the browser, Did you checked your Teams policy from Teams Admin center ? I have attached one. 


Also check the guest access under org-wide setting .

@Sanjiv_kumar I double checked all settings. Nothing changed :(
I also tried to add the external user to a team.


Live events policies

2020-07-21 10_02_55-Edit live events policy - Microsoft Teams admin center and 4 more pages - DEV Te.png


Org-wide settings

2020-07-21 10_02_42-Guest access - Microsoft Teams admin center and 4 more pages - DEV Tenant - Micr.png


If I try to join the live event with the guest user via the teams client I get the following error message:

2020-07-21 10_06_33-Microsoft Teams.png

Hi @Thomsch ,

Which office 365 license you are using ?

Hi @Thomsch ,

Few of the changes you need to check again

1) Guest access

  • Sign into the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • Select Org-wide settings > Guest access.
  • Set Allow guest access in Microsoft Teams to On
  • Under Calling, Meeting, and Messaging, select On or Off for each capability, depending on what you want to allow for guest users
  • Clicks save

    1-27th july.png

    2) External users to access group content

    • Sign in with your global admin account at
    • On the left, choose Settings and then select Org Settings > Services tab.
    • Select Microsoft 365 Groups.
    • Select “Let group members outside your organization access group content”
    • “Let group owners add people outside your organization to groups
    • 4-21-july-.png
  • 3) Allow sharing enable users to invite new guests to the organization

    • Sign in with your global admin account at
    • On the left, choose Settings and then select Org Settings > Security and Privacy
    • Click on Sharing.
    • Check the “Let users add new guest to the organization”
    • 5-21-july-.png

@Sanjiv_kumar thanks for the details. I checked all points and everything is checked already.


I'm also able to switch to the other tenant within the Teams desktop client and the error message is different if I want to open the live event there.

2020-07-21 13_59_50-Microsoft Teams.png


The user is definitely on the permission list (see attached file).



Can anyone help me out here please. It's really important.


I'm still getting the same error message. I also tried it on another tenant and it's completely the same behaviour. Everything that @Sanjiv_kumar suggested is allowed but I'm still not able to join a live event with a guest user.


Any other ideas?