Guest presenters in Teams Live Events added before creating a team can't present

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We have created a live event. We added the email addresses of the presenters (both internal and external to our organisation). During rehearsals we found out those outside the organisation could only join as viewers. We then found out that in order for them to have the necessary permissions to present, they should also be added in a team. So we created a dedicated team for this event and added them there.
But they still couldn't present. It turns out the accounts/mail addresses added in the team and the ones added in the live event does not "link" to each other. We then had to delete all (external) presenters from the live event and add them again (now that they were also added in the team).
That worked for most external presenters, but some were still unable to join. We also found out if they were logged in during these procedures, the changes did not take effect until they re-logged in.
Now that the event is live, we cannot make any more changes (remove and re-add presenters) and thus a lot of presenters were unable to present :(
The whole experience was quite frustrating both to us, as organisers/producers, and to the participants.
I'm writing this more as a feedback, rather than in hope any help can be provided at this point.

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Guest presenters must have a Teams License(in their home tenant) and the desktop app installed, did they have both? You don't need to be in a team to be a guest presenter, I have been a guest presenter and I wasn't in the team. 

Hello@Andrew Hodges ,

Yes, all presenters have installed Teams and have either a corporate account or a free personal account.

And yes, Unfortunately, you cannot have a guest (external to the organisation) presenter unless they are invited in a team (in your organisation), or have been previously part of a team in your organisation.

We already validated that the hard way :(