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I am having issues with a user and guest access, but it is for a team she is supposed to be a guest for. We have Teams set up and everything is working fine on our end.  The user was added as a guest to a team in another tenant but doesn't seem to be getting access. She received the email telling her she has access, but when she follows the link and signs in, it just loads her normal teams and not the new team she is supposed to have access to. The one thing I can think of is with our setup, user's email addresses do not match their UPN (the email address is and UPN is, don't ask it's a long story). I was wondering if this could be the issue. Since she was added as but when she sings in she is signing into it isn't matching up? Her email address is tied to her account, but I'm not sure what else we should even be looking at. Thanks.

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The difference in her email and account is the issue. The user has to sign in as the email invited. Can the user not be invited on and get the email through that? Can an alias somehow be setup(not sure on the technical term there) ?.


You could get around this by inviting the user to a SharePoint site in the external tenant the person doing the inviting will get an email which can be forwarded to the user. The user can then use the link to accept the invite. The account will then be created in the external tenant. This would then allow them access to Team when logging in to your own teams and changing the tenant in the top right. 


Long term it would be worth looking at merging the email and sign in, I have seen users have 2 domains assigned to the same account but beyond my ability to suggest how to accomplish that. 

If the new guest uses a browser with a cache, the cache will fill in the login to the known account. That is why the login to the new guest account will not take place.


Solution: ask the guest to open an incognito window, then go to the microsoft login page and use the account and credentials that you created as guest account. It will work.


The next question will then be: how to work with different accounts? There are many answers to that. Sort hint (which I use): make multiple Google accounts. Link each account to a different M365 environment. You can then have multiple environments open,. or easily switch from one to the other by switching google account.


Hope this helps!