Groups within Teams?

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We are currently starting to adopt Teams and working out the best way to set our classes. We are a college and therefore have instances where we may have various groups within a class. 

For example: 

Y1 Business Studies

- Group 1

-Group 2

-Group 3


And so on...Initially we set one overarching course and then set the groups as private channels as we want to ensure each group can only access their group. This has caused a few issues as a private channel doesnt have the same functionality as a 'normal' channel and vice versa. 


Do we really need to create a separate Team per group? I am interested to see what others do! 

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If the goal is to prevent users from seeing information outside of their respective teams (channels), then you should either go with Private Teams or Private channels. You can also investigate the information barrier functionality (, as that can restrict communication between different groups.