GIF are disappeared from Chat

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Hello , from today I cannot see anymore the option to add GIF's to the chat, have they been removed?

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No, but an admin in your organization must have restricted gif's, it is a messaging policy option that can be disabled. It can also be disabled at a Team level.

@Chris Webb 

I am a MS Office/Teams/etc admin and everyone that I have checked has the gif/giphy icon but I do not. I checked our policy and confirm it is allowed. I unchecked/saved/re-checked/saved that option and still nothing. I've uninstalled Office/Teams completely and reinstalled, but it's still not an option. I've also signed out/signed in more times than I can count.

Anyone else have suggestions on getting the gif icon in Teams (not the manual way of copy/paste)? I haven't had them for the 5-ish months that I've been at this company. 

@SuzFlory check the web client at and see if it works there or not. Do you have any options for Gif's in your settings? It has to be a policy thing, make sure that your user account isn't assigned a different policy for some reason than the default policy. 


Check to make sure you are assigned a Teams license on your account, since you are an admin maybe it half provisioned but you missing license, but my gut is leaning to your account being on a different policy than the default everyone else has. 

AHA! Optional connected services in the web client! That did it! My policies are all the global one, which is assigned to all users, and I double-checked my licenses earlier this morning. It was the optional services. 
Thank you!! @Chris Webb 

@SuzFlory  optional services? So it works on desktop client now too? Not sure what you're talking about there, but at least I got you in the right area? lol

@Chris Webb 

Sorry, optional connected experiences, not services. In the web and desk client Settings / Privacy menu. I noticed that it mentions Giphy in the description of that option. And yep, you got me to look more into the settings. :)