Getting sick and tired of the "back end" timings.


I get that my company is an early adopter of Teams, but I'm about fed up with how long things take and how completely useless support has been in almost every case we've had to open.


When you enable a user and give them a phone number, sometimes it happens in 10 minutes, sometimes it takes 40+ hours.  In the case of 4 of the last 22 people we converted, it's been a week now, and support's entire top of the line answer is "disable a license and re-enable it".  Well that's just great.  While I'm at it, maybe I should sacrifice a chicken too, maybe that'd help.


Resource accounts take days and up to a week to provision.

Accounts made 12+ hours ago in AD won't show up in teams randomly, yet sometimes they're there instantly.

Out of the blue one particular call queue stopped transferring the call to the user and tries to dial back out to their DID.  Just randomly.  Support has been useless.  Again.


I'm honestly ready to pull the entire system from my business.  I can't support 600 people like this.


I can't be the only person this happens to, am I?

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@Ron Prague - I have seen this in my organization. If the user is already in Office 365, the best way to do this is through Azure AD. Within Azure AD, go to users -> "select user" -> licenses -> select the appropriate license that contains Teams -> toggle on the Teams license and Save -> click back on licenses for that user -> then click "Reprocess". Once I do this it seems to provision the Teams access almost instantaneously. I have started provisioning all my users and O365 licenses/products like this. 




I'm going to try that, thank you so much.