Getting link to Posts Tab

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In Teams you can copy a link to a custom Tab.


But in the standard Posts tab there is no option to do this. Does anyone have ideas how to do it?



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Hi @darren365

Think that would be link to channel - in consideration that posts is the default landing page of the channel

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  That nearly worked. What I am trying to achieve is a link from a News Custom tab I created to the Posts tab on the same channel. When I try your solution in the Teams App I get the following.



And if you click launch it now, it goes there?

I don't think there is a means to switch within the app to the posts tab as there is no link to tab exposed. You could, as a workaround try link to a post in the post channel. What I mean here is click the ellipsis (...) on a post, say a welcome message, and try that but it may do the same behaviour as the link to channel

Best, Chris