Files don't sync up to Teams on Mac

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I'm having a unique challenge and thought I would put it out there. I have successfully synced selected folders from Teams and Channels to my Mac. I can see that when new files are added, they do make their way down to my local folder.

However, when I save a new file to a synced folder, it doesn't upload up to Teams or SharePoint. 

I have noticed a que of these files in OneDrive which is perpetually "updating files" but the files aren't getting uploaded.

I've done the usual, check for updates and restarted.

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This is the same problem I appear to be having, however, my OneDrive seems to be up to date.



* Files created in Teams sync successfully to local

* Files saved to local folders do not migrate to Sharepoint or Teams

* Unable to upload a file to Teams by drag and drop from desktop


I'm starting to think I might just have to manually check and salvage all files before deleting local folders and resyncing in its entirety unless anyone can advise?


Thanks - Stuart



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