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First question. So when i create new team as class, i link another sharepoint site with permissions, that i needed. But anyone user in this team have right to delete this link. In sharepoint site, that this team belong, there a only files, and i cant see link to another site.


Second question is about opening powerpoint, word and excel files in teams mobile apps in this linked sharepoint site. On android all files opens normally, except powerpoint. On iOS app i cant open any office file, but still can open jpg, pdf, etc. On windows app and in browser on PC it works as excepted.


Third Question that if i make sharepoint site as new tab in team, both android and ios apps cannot open in it, it just send me to browser.

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Hello @frankywhy ,


For your first question, all the members have edit permissions by default to the sharepoint site corresponding to teams, which is why they would be able to delete the link you add as a tab. When you are adding a tab in teams and specifying a link to a website, that is not being stored in files in sharepoint site, as It is not an actual file and it is just a pointer.

If you would like to see a link within files. Open the files section in teams and click view in sharepoint, now via Sharepoint you can add a link clicking on New. This link then would be visible in files section via teams.


Second : Android app for teams should support all office formats, i just tested the same and was able to open powerpoint, word,excel fine. Please try with a few powerpoint files which are lighter on formatting, also try on a different android device to confirm.

There have been quite a few issues reported with iOS devices mostly due to the operating system itself. If you are on beta 13, it was identified as a known issue:


Third: This is the default behavior of both iOS and android apps as of now.



Hello @harveer singh 


1. I think i did not explain it clearly my bad. I mean feature that i can create link to sharepoint site as cloud storage. So users can view files in another sharepoint site in files tab


And problem is that all users in team can remove this linked cloud storage. And this connection not show in web version sharepoint site, that belongs to this teams. Can i restrict permission to delete this connection?

Or maybe you can give me advice how i can do it another way. I need one place (i have it already as sharepoint site), with split permission, and it should be accessed from several teams in mobile clients.



2. What else can prevent to not opening file in mobile phone, but on desktop it works as planned? I though this is cuz i have split permission in site, that i linked, but on desktop it works as needed.

I gonna try some tests with format, but i thought that ms cloud automatically convert all office files to new format. Maybe it is core of problem.


> This is the default behavior of both iOS and android apps as of now.



Hey @frankywhy ,


Unfortunately it is not an actual file, so you will not be able to control permissions to the folder added by  "Add cloud storage link" ,all members will be able to edit it. 

You could do this though:  Add the target Sharepoint library as a tab to keep it separate from the files, and change member permissions from team settings to restrict members from deleting the tab.




@harveer singhYeah, Thanks.


So i find that is permission issue. If i set one of this permission on folder in site:

Restricted Read, View Only, Limited Access


I loose possibility to open office files (word, excel, powerpoint) in browser on mobile phone (safari, chrome). But on PC version (browser or inside teams tab) it can be opened.


I want to do not allow office files to be downloaded. With Read Permission it opens as should, but files can be dowloaded.

What do i do?



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Hello @frankywhy ,


There are couple of options around this, it would require some configuration though, You can configure IRM on the corresponding document library where the files are stored:


Going forth, if you are sharing new files out of sharepoint, you can follow this approach:


If you would like to go deeper into managing your documents in terms of access, confidentiality, revocation etc., azure information protection is the way to go, AzureInformationProtection .


Also please check this link, you will have to play around creating a different permission level which is higher than view but lower then read, i haven't tested it but it might work out: