File not found Error - PowerPoint Presentation within Teams Meeting


I ran into an issue this evening where a colleague had trouble getting her presentations to load and present within Teams Meetings on the Mac desktop app. She had shared presentations this way before without an issue. After ruling out a number of other possibilities (file location in recent different from current location, uploading to Team Channel files first, saving a copy of the Shared presentation), she was still experiencing the error and receiving this message:
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.42.03 PM.png

Eventually, my colleague shared the presentation with me and I was able to reproduce the error on the Windows desktop. The error was being caused by the filename 'Class Meeting #4'. Removing the '#' fixed the error for both of us. After having diagnosed the issue, my colleague was also able to fix and present the other presentation that she'd had trouble with this week.

Lesson learned:  Never include '#' signs in PowerPoint filenames that you intend to present within Teams Meetings.

I could not find documentation of this error or issue, so thought it might be helpful to post it here for others

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Thanks for the pointer to the full list of restricted characters, Adam. I was pretty sure of the error as soon as I saw the filename, but thought Teams/Sharepoint might strip out restricted characters when uploading for sharing. I should have thought to look up the Sharepoint documentation and include it in my reply.

It wouldn't be obvious to most Team users sharing a PowerPoint that the issue was in the filename as the error message refers to the file location (yes, I understand the filename is part of the location), so still think it is worth documenting.