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Just now got 6-7 notifications saying- "Testing notification from Microsoft to investigate the problem." Can you please confirm is it truly Microsoft because I doubt it is as if it would've been truly Microsoft then they would've sent one or at the max. three not 6-7.
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Can you give a screenshot? We’re did you get it?

Attached the screenshot of the issue.

@SusmitaPal Me and my friends have also got these notifications

@SusmitaPal Screenshots of the issues I have got:


WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 13.00.14.jpegWhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 21.02.37.jpeg

Yeah, so the solution here is to ignore those messages!


Yes, @adam deltinger those messages can ve ignored but we have to alert Microsoft developers that this is an issue and they should fix this asap. any idea how do we do that?

They know about this already!

@adam deltinger okay cool 

@ThereseSolimeno when will this get fixed? is this something we should worry about? is this a security bug?

Hello @manas11 I am not privy to any more info than what Adam provided

best response confirmed by Alex_Olsen (Microsoft)

@manas11 @adam deltinger 


This is the response I received from the engineering program manager:  

We apologize for the inconvenience. We've isolated the source of the issue and applied a mitigation and confirmed that no further unexpected notifications are being sent to users Android devices. For more information please refer to incident id TM221041 on your M365 service health dashboard portal."

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks a lot