External Team requests and initial setup issues

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My organisation are currently in the process of moving from on prem to O365. Recently, many users are getting external requests to join Teams, which they accept and attempt to join and download the Teams app.


Our O365 tenant is as standard, the very defination of 'out the box'. Nothing has been changed, there are no policies in place outside the fact that for all users, many of the O365 features are 'switched off' via disabling the license to products such as Teams. That said what we are seeing is the following:

  • Teams license is assigned
  • User tries to join the external Team via email invitation, downloads Teams app
  • User then prompted to sign in with credentials, recieves federation error

So far, through trial and error we have been able to resolve this for a few of us within IT by doing the following:

  • Turn off - save, turn on - save the Teams license in admin center
  • Run credential manager, clear out any cred's that relate to Teams, or O365 generally
  • Re-install Teams (for some reason when you browse Teams on web, it asks you if you want to download Teams, even if you already have it and can download it)
  • Sign in Teams on web, verify external team is available to switch
  • Login desktop app

What I would like to know is should this be the kind of experience we should expect when we start onboarding users to Teams. If the Teams license were assigned already would we not experience all these problems? Is this something others have experienced?




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By enabling the teams license this should work!
Although the experience isn’t always bullet proof, but normally it’s resolved by removing the guest and do a re-invite! ( the inviting org )
Clearing the Teams cache is also a known fix for many issues :) most of the times a full logout and login again is enough!!

To clarify, a logout or re-invite won’t help if the user is disabled for Teams! But the desktop client has its own local cache which could stick even after doing changes etc..

@adam deltingerthanks for the reply :) ill give clearing the cache a go aswell to see if that helps, i'll also see if the external inviter can remove the user as a guest and re-add also.


Will report back my findings!