External Guest Unable to access/view/open a document that uploaded into "conversation"

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I have an issue when using the Microsoft Teams New Experience which I found out the external guest unable to view/access/open a document that uploaded into conversation pane during the meeting except the user within organization (But it was open up via a direct link on the browser). Not open up via the Teams internal window screen anymore. 


Or the external guest required a permission to access the document that uploaded into conversation pane which very inconvenient for the users and Meeting Organizer. 


Please let me know if anyone came across this scenario and please share to me how do you overcome it. Thank you so much! 

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Hi, I have just tested the same.  I started a meeting, added an external guest (a Gmail account).  I logged both accounts into the meeting.  I uploaded a word doc into the meeting chat.  The Gmail user was able open the word doc from the chat, both during the meeting, and after the meeting had ended.


Do you know if this happens with all Guest users or just this particular one please?



Also, the document you uploaded to the chat.  Was it protected with a sensitivity label or some other form of encryption or rights management?

I had some problem about this.

Only organization members can view the record. I don't know about document.

Maybe this is a precaution.