External contact have upgraded to "Teams Only" mode but still show up as a SfB contact

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One of our customers have recently changed their Coexistence mode to "Teams Only" after using Teams for some while in Island mode. But in my Teams chat client the contacts still shows the Skype logo and I am only able to send text-to-text messages (no emojis, GIFs, files etc.). Me myself is also in Teams Only coexistence mode and both parties (internal and external) gets the messages in the Teams client, but with limited functionality. It's like the contact is stuck in SfB mode. 


Also when trying to start a video og presentation meeting, an automated message is sent from the starting party to the other to join a meeting first, as if there is no functionality to start a call. When using this link another "event" so to speak is created in "recent" tab and we all of a sudden have full functionality between each other. But the contact itself don't change and still shows the icon with a Skype logo. 

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@adam deltinger This user was upgraded yesterday. Both me and the external user have a chat window were the contact is without the Skype-symbol but it is disabled and showing "Due to org policy changes, some chat and calling features are no longer available. Continue your conversation here." Clicking the last sentence sends ut back to the old conversation with the Skype-logo. 

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It can take well over 2; hours for everything to settle in! Give it some more time
Will try to do that, but what is supposed to happen with the external contact showing the Skype-logo? Even when searching for the external contact again it just pops right back to the old contact.
I'm in the same situation here, but the changes have been made 1 week ago and I still see the contacts stuck in SfB :(

@cabassisame, here , any update on this please, for others who experienced did it resolve itself over time or were additional mods made

@simon_bedsys We're having the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?

@byoung210In the customers tenant they were running in teams only mode with no restrictions but I still got this dual dialogue. Skype / Teams the only way I solved it was I had to physically sign out of my teams client and back in again and then it resolved, closing / opening wasn't enough I needed to do a full sign out / sign in. Let me know / others if that worked. The issue was also not at the customers end it was on my client.

@Bradley1610 I tried signing out of the client and signing back in. The issue persists. Tried twice even.

hi all, same for us, an external tenant was changed from island mode to teamsonly, but in our Teams Client every contact is still shown as skype user and the presence status doesn't work anymore. Federations setting was checked.

Logout and login again didn't change anything.

Any ideas?



I believe you need to add the contact again to get a new "message thread". The old message thread can be hidden.