Entire Team Disappeared

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An entire team and 2.5 years of work and collaboration are all of a sudden gone from Teams.  Went to it today and it is missing on all platforms for all team members.


I created and own the team and am checking with 3 other co-owners to see what kind of activity was done to rule out accidental deletion.  I have a ticket into my IT team, but there is nothing in Sharepoint either and no documents.  I am asking them to check the audit files to see if it was deleted.  Is there anything beyond that if they can't find the deleted team?  I have no idea what could 


I had favorited/starred the team as one to follow, and it shows there, but when I click, I get the following:


Sorry, something went wrong
File Not Found.

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@rpglennj your IT admins should be able to recover the soft-deleted O365 Group and it's associated end-points including SharePoint site and MS Teams.

Thanks. I'm certainly hoping that's the case. Just have to wait I suppose.
Hi @rpglennj

If it has been deleted you can see this in the Audit Log > Microsoft Teams Activities > Deleted Team.

It may be that the Office 365 group was deleted - however this should be able to be restored (AFAIK, it is 30 days to restore)


If it is for none of these reasons I would have the IT guys raise a ticket to Microsoft ASAP to look into the issue.

Hope that answers your question - let me know how it goes!

Best, Chris
Will do. Thanks Chris.
Yeah, sounds like one of the Owners probably deleted a plan in planner or something similar and didn't realize this is going to delete the group which has everything. I don't like how this is possible if you don't pay close attention it can be bad :). Luckily as others said here you can recover thank goodness!
Have your Admins look in the SPO Admin Center deleted sites page, everything can be restored from there very easily
Thanks Chris.
Thanks Dean. Found out this morning one of the co-owners (who is changing positions) inadvertently deleted the team while "cleaning things out." Now I know what happened, just need to coordinate with my IT support on recovery. Thank you all. I'll post back once I get through the process. Not sure how all the associated files, etc., are going to work out, but I shall see.

@rpglennj glad that I could help. 


FYI, when the site gets restored from the SPO Admin Deleted sites page, it happens quickly BUT, the site is still shown on the deleted sites page for quite a while, this can be confusing. Just do the restore, go to the URL after a few minutes and everything should be back in place. If some associated app is missing, be patient, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and sometimes it can take a little while

Well, got the team back and restored......checking through file associations, etc., and so far so good. Thanks all.