Email to Channels stopped working


We used the email to a channel function heavily.  Today (or since yesterday) none of our emails are showing up.

I did disable the emails on a couple channels yesterday for ones we are no longer using, but now all of them are not working and there is no bounce back to know.  Can anyone help here?  This is a critical function for us.

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Hi! Its still working for me...You have not changed the general settings regarding sending mails to channel in the admin center?

Otherwise create a ticket with Microsoft!


Cheers / Adam

Where is the Admin Center?

The problem with creating a ticket with Microsoft is we our 365 administrator is an outside IT company and I cannot do it myself. It is a PIA, but if that is the only solution then I'll run that way.

Same thing is happening in other Teams so it isn't just the one. Any guidance on where in the Admin Center this would be? I'll probably have to direct our IT company since they really do not know Teams...
Please contact them! Only administrators of the 365 tenant has access to the admin center and they should be able to create a ticket from there! Also they should know if they had made any changes recently

I was mainly trying to find out if others were having the same issue. The last issue I had where items were not showing up in the conversation feed but there were notifications of them did have others (but not all) experiencing the same difficulty. I know you are not experiencing it, but I am wondering if others are. That will help our IT troubleshoot.

We have run into this same issue. We don't use emails that often so we just noticed this today - i'm not sure if it was broken yesterday or the day before.


I was going to reach out to my IT department, but I wonder why it has happened to more people - i.e. what has changed recently with the way Microsoft handles the emails to a teams channel?  The domain is at microsoft and i tested it from gmail, so i don't think this is due to a local setting...

Ours is working again but there seems to be a lag on when it arrives.  The ones previously are starting to come in but there are ones we are sending now that are not (but some did).

Our IT said our SMTP needed to be added on the Teams side and that fixed it.  It has been working without issue for months so clearly something changed.  And it still isn't working correctly.  I did notice a different dialog now if you click View Original Email so maybe it is related.

Ours is fixed as well... so must be something on the Microsoft side.

Both web hooks and emails sporadically stops working. Very frustrating and dangerous. We want to be able to rely on messages arriving. Seems like we can't. 

Hi! I know it sounds tedious but create a ticket with Microsoft! From above posts it seems that it was on Microsoft’s side of things..


Beste thing to do is open a ticket if the issue still pursuists!