Email Teams channel but prevent replies to that email within the channel

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When creating an email in Outlook (or any email client) we can, concurrently, post that same message to a MS Teams channel based on a Teams channel email address ( This has been great until others begin replying to the email.


The issue, once other members begin replying, is that the channel's email address is still embedded within the Outlook email's reply. Therefore, the reply is posted to the channel....and so on.


Can we to prevent replies to the channel when a user replies from their email client and includes the Team's channel within?

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@yewwoon - Is there a possibility you could utilize the Bcc... field for your emails to Teams? I tried it, and it posted my email to the channel. Then when I click on "Reply" below the email, it says that my reply will only be posted in Teams. Even if I download the "original" email, the address list says "undisclosed recipients" so I cannot reply and have it go back to the channel. It includes the original sender and "undisclosed recipients" in the To... line when I hit "Reply All", but doesn't send it back to the channel.


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but my quick test seemed to work like what it seems like you are desiring for the behavior. 



Edward Drake you are king sir! Your method does definitely does work. I'll ensure this becomes part of our team's practice moving forward.

I'm not sure how it would be done but I'd still like to see some mechanism inside of Teams to have this as an administrative choice.