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Please bear with me, because the learning curve for Teams is a little steep. I am a teacher with a school that has signed up for Microsoft 365 for Education. We are currently on summer break, but there is sporadic activity and it would be good to respond to the students without undue delay. The problem is, I cannot figure out how to automate emailed notifications of activity. My global settings have all (most) notifications set to 'banner and email'. However, within a channel, there is no option to enable email as a notification option. Is this function crippled in the Education version, or am I missing a trick here?

Thank you for your time and attention.

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@onesridhar Hello! You are not missing anything :) and there's no need to apologize for not understanding Teams notifications/banner/feed behavior. I know few people that can explain it in an easy "end-user" context and the options has also been updated and changed along the way! I'm going to turn your question around if you don't mind, is it really necessary to get an email? How about using Teams mobile with "ordinary" notifications instead?

@ChristianBergstrom That may work for me. However, some of my students do not have reliable access to the internet, and it may also not be convenient for them to have Teams running in the background all the time in the hope of getting notified. I don't mind your flipping the question. However, while it would be instructive to look for a workaround, for now I would be happy to receive a straight response on whether the functionality is available to education users or not. 

Thank you for taking the time to address my query.

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@onesridhar Well, I haven't used Teams for education before but the option you're referring to isn't available in business/enterprise either (as I said they keep changing things). I can still "follow channels" under settings though, but as for a channel notifications it's only banner and feeds, so I guess it's work in progress regarding the interface and functionality.


See if this can assist in any way


Btw, is this applicable for your scenario?


In the channel, top right corner ... 'Open in SharePoint' followed by ... Alert me



@ChristianBergstrom Thank you so much for your painstaking reply. I had a vague idea of using Sharepoint, but your post made it very clear. I will try this, but am not confident that I can walk my kids through the steps. (They are 7th graders, some digitally sharp, but others not so privileged.) Thanks again for taking interest and sharing your knowledge.