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In Teams admin the posts to a channel are restricted to just my main company domain.  I would like to add more domains such as ones used by our various marketing robots including Zapier and Zoho.  I cannot determine a way to add a different domain.  If I send an email from those other to the particular Teams channel email is bounces back.   

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If you right click on a channel as an owner there is a tab for channel permissions for the email where you can set that external recipients can send to the email address to look for that and set that and you should be good. If that doesn’t work then you have an admin that has the admin settings for that restricted down to certain domains that will need to be changed
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So if you add the sender domains mails from them still bounces? It can take a while before the setting is active so you should wait a hour or two before testing.


You only need to set that setting if you plan to restrict email domains. If not the setting is inside the team on the email channel window there is a tab for it if you are an owner of the team

Are you talking about inside the web based Teams admin page?   or the Teams app itself?  I cannot locate any way to right click on any Teams Channel to change that. And it will not let me add another other domain like I said, Zoho or Zapier.  

On that page it will not let me add any other domain than the one for my company. Must be a bug.  I'll clear by cache and try again. 

Thanks. The Teams admin is showing a spinning circle, must be down for a bit.  I'll check back later on.  

Go to the channel! Press the ...
Click “get email address”
In this windows you now click advanced settings! Here you can set who is allowed to send to this channel!

•only members of the team
•custom domains


Ok, at a computer, inside of Teams right click the channel and choose "Get Email Address". Then on that screen where you get the address is an advanced Settings link shown here: 


On the next screen you can choose the domains or all domains for the channel. 



If you cannot change this, then you have an admin level setting set on the admin center shown here where the ? is. 



Should this have domains set to allow, then everything else is blocked other than those. This admin center was bugged, so to add entries here you have to do it via PowerShell, if you need that command I can get it for you if you end up needed to go this route, just let me know. 

Thanks so much, that was very helpful.  I never noticed the Advanced Settings.    I added those two outside domains under External Access. We had some blocked domains already in there.  Guessing if I took those out it would then show me the "Anyone can send emails to this channel" selection in Teams (does not now).   As soon as the Teams / Org-wide Settings / Teams settings returns data I hope to be able to add those two domains.  We are close. Thanks for helping me on this.  

Yep, I added those external domains and they failed to stick.  I went back 5 minutes later and they were gone.  So Powershell is how I'll have to go.  And to add the allowed domains to the channel as the web page won't let me add them there either. I will try in the morning tomorrow but otherwise will dig into finding the Powershell commands.  If you have a link that would be helpful. Thanks so much @Chris Webb

Bottom of my blog post has how to connect to Skype powershell.

You'll have to mess with the switch but it's the -RestrictedSenderList the formatting I want to say is comma seperated.

Thanks @Chris Webb for the solution that worked via Powershell commands.  I am now receiving the channel posts via email from an outside domain (my marketing bot).  There are a few things I am not pleased with and I hope that Microsoft watches this forum so they can be corrected. 


Teams Admin GUI Problems:

  1. The setting "Channel email is only accepted from the following SMTP domains" does not show the results of my domains added via Powershell.
  2. The External Domains I allowed do not show in the list Org Wide Settings / External Access

Teams Client Problem

  1. In the Teams client, in the channel of concern, under "Get email address," Advanced Settings, the domains I added via Powershell do not show in the list, only the main company domain shows. 

Took me some time, but I realized I have to press space after entering the domain. Otherwise the save button won't allow me to save it.

O365 Admin centers > Teams
Org-wide settings > Teams settings > Email integration > accept channel email from these SMTP domains



Thanks so much @lexcpc - just hitting 'space' after it on the GUI was all I needed... I tried tab and enter and others, but the space bar was what did the trick for me. Thanks for posting that, very helpful!


Thank you @lexcpc -- the space did the trick. Also - I found that after about 30 minutes, the entries did finally populate in the GUI (showed immediately with Get-CsTeamsClientConfiguration in PowerShell). Once the new domains appeared in the GUI, sending mail in from those outside domains finally worked. 

You'll not believe it, typing in the domain does not work, but copy-paste the whole domain name from notepad into Teams is working fine.

@lexcpc- thank you!  That was the missing piece for me.

Thanks Chris, that was super helpful. I also never noticed the small-font text for "Advanced Settings" so that was quite a surprise to see that there (hopefully they'll update the UI to make that a little more obvious). Thanks!