Edit Word from Teams: Save as > "save to another folder" blank screen

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When editing Word from Teams, when saving as and clicking "save to another folder" brings up a blank screen and won't display folder explorer.



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Is this taking place in the browser? in de desktop app? Mac? Windows? etc? a little more info please

In the desktop app, Windows.
Open a support ticket with this problem, grab also the logs when the problem happens so you can share it with the support folks

Thanks, this has been confirmed as a bug and I am told they will include a fix in the next release (December). From the experience I had from Microsoft support to confirm this bug, it is obvious that Microsoft is doing its best to have a decent product. We are piloting Teams and champions are already complaining that they don't have read receipts, cannot see chat and files at the same time, etc... C'mon Microsoft, you can do this! Champions are already saying Slack, Workplace, etc. are better.

@Daniel Abadias 


is this solved or is there a workaround (registry edit or such), as I have this issue as well at this moment???



It's working for me know. I think it started working after the latest version:, updated on 03/07/2019: (64-bit). It takes 5 seconds to go from the blank screen to the folder explorer but at least it works.

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Hi, I have that version, but it just stays white





Same problem here! Who has got a sollution. It's only a problem when editing in Teams App. When using Teams in browser there is no problem.

@RJWaringa  I opened a support ticket for this and it is a general issue....

@Nick_Loenders Do you know when it's solved? Is it on the roadmap to fix? 

@Daniel Abadias anyone ever find a fix here? Running into this issue this morning. User is editing document within Teams, File -> Save as -> Save online and gets white screen. I found if they ... -> open in browser they can save to the intended location. So this looks to be a limitation of Teams client.