Drawing/annotating document during meeting

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Hi everyone,


I often join a meeting on my iPad alongside my laptop in order to share the iPad's screen and draw/annotate on a document. 


Would it be possible for the other participants to also draw/annotate using a shared document (not directly on the shared iPad's screen ...) ?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Have you looked into the Whiteboard app? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/use-whiteboard-in-microsoft-teams-7a6e7218-e9dc-4ccc-89aa-b...

There are also some third-party apps that do the same, look them up online.

Whiteboard is not a suitable solution, engineering teams need to draw on the screen like other screen sharing programs like Zoom. Microsoft needs to add this ASAP... This should be a basic function, if a CAD program is being displayed by one user, another user should be able to sketch on top of it to better articulate their idea. 



I agree, this is a valuable feature in Zoom and we use this all the time.  Hopefully Microsoft can add this feature very soon. @bfulton 

I am new to MS Teams, but sn't this available via whiteboard in meetings? I just started a meeting and opened a whiteboard that gave options for me to draw only or collaborate and draw. If you mean something else, can you help me understand your question? @Larry166 

Whiteboard is OK but it leaves a lot to be desired if your an engineer, stylist, architect and you want to draw on top of what is being shown on the screen. other programs like Zoom have this feature. One workaround I have found is to us the "Snip and sketch" as a means to take a screen capture of  3D model my fellow engineer is displaying, then I take over as the presenter, I draw using the Snip and Sketch tool to articulate my concept and I stop presenting and the allow the Engineer with the 3D Model CAD to begin presenting again. it is painful but it works, I wish Microsoft would build  Snip and Sketch tool into whiteboard, sadly its probably two different dev teams, and they do not talk... 

 @Larry166 @Christinkecki @dvalantin @Vasil Michev 

@dvalantin, I have found this tool and it has met my needs. Hope it helps!





I agree this needs to be added to MS Teams this year if they want to compete against:


1. SalesForce Slack

2. Zoom

3. All the others out there



The system internals tool is great just for windows based users but you are eliminating: Mac, iOS, Android, Linux & Chrome OS users.


Please bring this to MS Teams universal platform.

@cframe does the meeting originator need to install this app?  The linked article doesn't explain how it works, but merely gives an example of what it does.

Just from reading the description and a couple of - very brief - third party reviews, I think it *only* works for the presenter.  I don't see any mention of ability to annotate when someone else is presenting.  It's just a way of drawing on your own screen, which if you are sharing your screen would happen to be viewable by the audience.

I realize it's probably not helpful, but if you have Slack available as an alternate medium, that might also be an option for technical discussions.


It is time for Microsoft to change teams so that design and engineering teams can mark up the screen just like users in Zoom and Webex. I still use Webex because Teams has not yet added drawing features.
the whiteboard does not seem to allow us to add images. This is really, really bad.
Slack is not an alternative to Teams. Engineers, architects and designers need to have live, video discussions over drawings. Microsoft should look at Webex and Zoom, where one can draw over whatever is being shared by the presenter. It seems so simple, but Microsoft still hasn't figured it out

Hi @benisball @ThatJohnGuy and all: there is a Uservoice item on this type of feature but it doesn't have a lot of votes.  I desperately need a way to hand write so that my students can see maths being developed in real tim...

Just to be clear, I was referring to the live video call and screenshare functionality of Slack, which also has the "users can draw on the presenter's shared documents/code" feature. In any case, many organizations have chosen to make Teams mandatory for video calls, so for those users there simply is no alternative.