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Our web app is integrated in Microsoft Teams as a tab.


In a browser, when clicking on a PDF file link, the PDF files opens on a separate browser tab and is displayed/manipulated thanks to the browser viewer. It is also easily possible to implement the PDF file download.


In Microsoft Teams, we have only be able to download the PDF file in "Files". I have read that in MT it's not possible to precise the download file name or the download file location, and it's not a real issue for us. However, we really need to display and manipulate correctly the file in the current tab.


We first thought about iframe. Unfortunately he whole web app is iframed in the MT tab, and nested iframe is not a working solution.


We also tried PDF.JS :

  • we can display the PDF file in the current tab, but not through a viewer that is able to manipulate the file (zoom, navigation, research...)
  • there seems to be a PDF.JS viewer but we have not been able to use it, even in the browser. It doesn't look like stable.


Is there an official solution for our issue? We ideally are looking for something that works in Microsoft Teams tabs AND in browsers (cross browser).


Thank you

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Thanks for your question. Currently you can open PDF's in a Teams Tab




But AFAIK you can't manipulate them. There are multiple uservoices open for this


Annotation of PDF's


Hyperlinks and Searchable PDF's


Add a Print Feature to PDF Viewer


So I would recommend to vote on them. The use of PDF's needs to be improved with Microsoft Teams. There is no official solution - we have been waiting for one for a while. As workarounds, you could always look at using the Third Party Adobe applications, or if a PDF (s) is hosted on a site, look to use a web page tab and see if the ability to manipulate on the site pulls through. If my understand is correct, then you need the functionality within Teams for the best experience.


Hope that answers your question.


Best, Chris

Totally agree with Chris here, the integration you have for PDF in Teams is ther one described by Chris


Thank you for your answer.


It appears that I have seen a tab completing exactly what I need. It is based on the Nextcloud Files PDF Viewer (


That viewer is displaying the PDF file into a viewer with its own system, that is using an iframe.


Do you have any idea/clue why and how it is working?


Thank you,




Not sure if you have solved your problem yet.

If not, you might be able to use PowerApps and the PDF Viewer control (still in preview?) to get around your issue. The files tab is using a SharePoint library for the files (address is likely https://<your domain><team name>/shared documents/General), so you would need to use a gallery pointing to that library, for the users to select from.

Hi All, @Christopher Hoard@JTHOUMEL


Yesterday, had a similar problem at a customer and digging a bit deeper, I think we found a nice customer-friendly solution. 

The customer wants to directly annotate PDF in teams with an Apple Pen on an Apple Pro, this is needed as most legal documents are scanned and in PDF format. This is not possible in Teams directly, even with Surface Pro and a Stylus it is not possible, that brought me to the conclusion Teams does not support native apps. OneDrive does, in OneDrive you can directly annotate the PDF with a pen or stylus.

So we sync-ed all Teams files with OneDrive and stepped away from using iCloud too. 

Now the customers can open their Apple Pro on-site, open OneDrive with the files for that particular case and directly annotate them. OneDrive takes care of syncing the files with Teams. Back in the office, they can step into MS Teams to follow up in the respective channel. 

Truly a pity, as now you need two apps for one use case, but it works and all files in one cloud.

Hope this helps 

Best regards,


@Herbert Sintemaartensdijk 


Thank you for this.

Of course the problem is not with Teams, but with the SharePoint Online library behind the curtains. It has never been able to edit PDFs without downloading them, or synching them locally.

By synching the library, one can open the PDF in the browser from SharePoint, and use the inking capability in Edge to markup the file and save it...which brings up a dialog that allows you to go to the locally mapped version and replace it. Unfortunately it is not working with the new version of Edge yet.

From Teams (web) you can open the file in SharePoint and then open it in the browser.

Of course, one can simply use File Explorer as well, and choose your application of choice. Another bonus of synching these libraries is that you can use drag and drop between folders or libraries and it preserves the document properties.


I have found an acceptable work around to preview PDF files in Teams.  In the channel I have created I dumped all of my PDF files in the "Files" tab and then I linked each PDF in the various other tabs in the channel.  There is one annoying little affect.  When you click the link in the Teams tab it first opens a browser page to Join Conversation and then it changes back to the Teams app where you will see your PDF preview.


@Christopher Hoard where do I vote for MS Teams Development for PDF embedded hyperlinks to work when documents are posted as Tabs within channels?  See reference on topic below.