Disable 'request control' in certain meetings

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Is it possible to disable the 'request control' button for certain meetings? 


I work in a big educational organisation where the admins turned on the option to request or give control, because for some it is a useful feature. But as you can understand, not for all (e.g. lectures with 100+ students, it's considered very disturbing). It would be great when the organiser of the specific meeting could decide him/herself in case they don't want the option shown.   




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Hmm, through presenter and attendee controls?

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for answering.

Unfortunatly that doesn't do the trick. It's the first thing we do, but our students are still able to request control. 

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Ah ok, maybe try this

In the Teams Admin Centre > Meeting policies > select policy > content sharind > Allow a participant to give or request control > turn off

It looks like an all or nothing setting though so once the policy is applied it prevents it so would be difficult to do it for certain meetings. You can create custom policies and apply it to certain people though so maybe this would be good to try and create a policy with this off and apply it to certain teachers. Policies can take 24 hours to apply.

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

In my case it's a big organisation (50.000+people), so I can't have it changed just like that. Thanks for the advice though.


For now I'll watch and see how things are after the weekend. It seems the overload of people on MS's servers the last few days have caused some minor issues and bugs. Crossing my fingers that this might just be one of them and otherwise I'll make an item on the uservoice page.


Thanks again, Anouk